I want to try contacts! What is the process? The first step is getting a comprehensive eye examination. Once this is complete, the doctor will perform a fitting to evaluate if you are a suitable candidate for contacts, and what will work best for your needs. Next, you will return for a contact lens teaching session, where our staff will train you on inserting, removing, and caring for your contacts. After a successful teaching session, you will be able to leave the office with trial contact lenses. The doctor will either have you return for a follow-up, or you may call or text us to let us know how the lenses are working for you. At this point, you will then be given a copy of your contact lens prescription.

What happens during a contact lens fitting? The doctor will evaluate the overall eye health, particularly the cornea and tear film, to ensure your eyes are healthy enough for contact lens wear. They will then evaluate the appropriate prescription for you, and what lens style will work best for your lifestyle. Once a lens is on the eye, the doctor will evaluate how the lens fits on the surface of the eye, and how it moves.

Does a contact lens prescription expire? Yes. Per Connecticut state law, contact lens prescriptions expire one year from the date it was finalized by the doctor. You will need to return for a comprehensive examination and contact lens fitting each year to continue to renew your prescription.

Is there an extra cost for contact lenses? Yes. The initial fitting fee for first-time wearers is typically $95. After that, the annual fitting fee will range from $35-$100 depending on what changes the doctor needs to make, if any. Please keep in mind that even if your prescription stays the same, the annual update fee still applies.

Will my insurance cover contact lenses? It depends. Most medical insurances consider contact lenses cosmetic and will not pay towards the cost of fitting and ordering lenses. If you have vision insurance through VSP, you may have benefits we can apply towards the costs.

I tore my contact! Can I get a spare? If you order your contact lenses from our office, we are always happy to provide trial lenses for you in an emergency if we have them in stock. If you do not order your lenses from us, unfortunately we are unable to provide additional lenses beyond your initial fitting and trial period.

Can I return my lenses after I ordered boxes? While we cannot accept returns, we can exchange your unopened and undamaged boxes if your prescription has changed within 60 days of the initial order. Unfortunately, we cannot accept exchanges beyond this timeframe due to our distributor policies.